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A photographer with a passion for the countryside.

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7th April 2020.

As events up and down the country have been cancelled and I am confined to barracks there is very little new on this website.

The site remains open for everyone to browse and I am working in the background to update the search button.  Currently 'Search' does not include every photograph on the website but daily this is improving.  I have to open each individual photo and laboriously add each search word.  It will be good when completed as you will be able to search by vehicle registration plate as well as model number.  I'm even adding as many ploughman names as possible so the vain ones out there can search for their own name!

I can't wait for things to get back to normal when I can get out and take photographs again.  Hopefully those who have offered private viewings of their collections will be true to their word as I am currently suffering from Tractor Withdrawal Syndrome.

Anyone needing a chat I'm on Facebook and Messenger every day whilst working on photos on the PC.


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Your feedback on the website is always appreciated and used to give you a better experience.  pass on your comments using the 'Contact' button.    

Next photo-shoots

As soon as I can get out - cant say any more than that.

Why watermarks on my photos???

As much as I hate watermarking photos without the watermark they are being stolen and used elsewhere.  It's the equivalent of me removing a sack full of potatoes from a farmers field.  Its just stealing someone else's revenue.

If anyone wants an image free of watermarks please just ask.

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