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23rd June   2019

Thirsk Truck Gathering

I thought I would have a change of subject and have been meaning to visit Thirsk truck gathering for a few years.

It's not ideal for photography having the trucks very close together, coupled with nearly always someone in the shot polishing their pride and joy.  Even the sun struggled to get out between the clouds.

Despite all that it was an enjoyable day and I have one or two decent shots (out of 460!)  I'll upload most of them but will take a bit of time, please bear with me!

Use ‘Recently added’ button to get to the Thirsk Truck Gathering photos.

Next photo-shoots

not sure.

Why watermarks on my photos???

As much as I hate watermarking photos without the watermark they are being stolen and used elsewhere.  It's the equivalent of me removing a sack full of potatoes from a farmers field.  Its just stealing someone else's revenue.

If anyone wants an image free of watermarks please just ask.

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