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A photographer with a passion for the countryside.

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27th January 2019

I had a fantastic day out at the NVTEC winter ploughing match and working day.  Apologies to those who I never managed to photograph as there were just too many tractors to get round.

Apologies also to those who I regularly converse with on Facebook and totally ignored on the day.  I jokingly said the photographers should wear name badges and my cap does have my name on it. 

Next time you see me please say hello and introduce yourself!!!    

Next photo-shoots

Any suggestions?

Why watermarks on my photos???

As much as I hate watermarking photos without the watermark they are being stolen and used elsewhere.  It's the equivalent of me removing a sack full of potatoes from a farmers field.  Its just stealing someone elses revenue.

If anyone wants an image free of watermarks please just ask.

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